“Chris has this special way of asking questions that seem very easy at first. Yet when I needed to respond to them I had to reach deep inside and find the answers that I never put together before. Once the the words were out in the open, it made me understand much better what my problems and inner motives were, and it was an enourmous step towards breaking chaos of my emotions into manageable specific tasks.”   – VR, Ontario


“It was serendipity when I ran into Chris at a horse show and asked her what she was doing.  When she explained Sugar Tree Life Coaching, I exclaimed, “I need that.”  And the rest they say is history.  Chris contacted me the next day (something that I might have put off for days or weeks) and we’ve been talking weekly ever since.  I can’t begin to tell you how much more effective, efficient and self-confident I have become since working with Chris.  I have accomplished more in the time I have worked with her than I have in the past couple of years!  Not only has her coaching helped my professional life, it has also spilled over into my personal life.  Wow!  For the first time in ages, I feel like I am really on a role.  I have Chris’s coaching to thank for that.”  J.M. FEI Rider and Movement Specialist


“My experience with Chris has been fantastic. I’m a father of two young kids and have a high stress job and a spouse who works as well. Like a lot of people I feel torn in 10 different directions with conflicting priorities. Chris helped cut through the noise of all those conflicting priorities and get to some quick-wins to build confidence. She was worth every penny and more!” — BH


“I began talking with Chris when I started becoming very frustrated with my career as a Dressage Trainer, I was feeling very confused and not sure what I wanted to do.  Chris helped me tremendously asking me all of the right questions to gain some clarity on what I was feeling and what I needed to do. I was also in the process of importing a new horse and she helped me work through the fears I had in doing this for the first time. Chris had been a huge help in giving me the tools to work through these issues and I feel great about the decisions I have made recently thanks to Chris’s coaching!”  –OD


“Chris has a very down to earth approach to consulting and a “nuts & bolts” method; nevertheless the way she taps into my real motivations was startling. After a few sessions I felt much more confident that I was doing the right things for the right reasons.”  –Brad


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