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“However, being able to question and shift your frame of reference is an important key to enhancing your imagination because it reveals completely different insights. This can also be accomplished by looking at each situation from different individuals’ points of … Continue reading

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Analysis Paralysis

I am a MASTER at overthinking.  How about you?  How long have you put off your heart’s desire by analyzing it to death?  Are you still analyzing?  Have you jumped in with both feet?  What you resist, persists.

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Third Time’s A Charm

Success is the good fortune that comes from aspiration, desperation, perspiration and inspiration. – Lesley Stevenson, My Virtual Eventing Coach.com

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Just One Thing: A Coaching Session on Goals – Part I

The new year is fast approaching.  A time of reflection.  A time to make resolutions and set goals.  We all know the statistics associated with New Year’s Resolutions are pretty dismal.  If you are reading this post, you have probably … Continue reading

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Quality is Better Than Quantity When It Comes to Life Experiences

“Everything depends on the quality of our acts and our experiences. A multitude of badly performed actions and experiences only half-lived exhausts and depletes our being.” – Thomas Merton Are you enjoying and benefiting from the things you do each … Continue reading

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Just a Thought!

“Whatever you hold in you mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life.”  – Tony Robbins Take five minutes.  What do you hold in your mind?  Is it what you want to experience?  Is … Continue reading

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Mother Mother – Bright Idea!

True dat!  Take a minute, tap your toe and think about your song and your love!

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The Daring Duck Dash

Have you seen this video of the Daring Duck Dash? (I apologize for the advert.) You can bet those ducks had a lot of anxiety, but they had a singular purpose!  They knew where they wanted to go and they … Continue reading

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Feedback: How to Solicit Good Advice

So you are an equestrian.  That probably means you have taken a riding lesson or two, or two hundred or two thousand.  It also mean that you have been given “feedback” from trainers and sometimes friends, family or even casual … Continue reading

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Just Do It, Every Damn Day

You do your long run as part of your 10K or Marathon training while the rest of your family is still asleep.  Its pouring rain, but you hop on your bike to train for the Hilly Hundred.  Happy Hour is … Continue reading

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