Will versus Passion?


I recently had a conversation with a client regarding her “lack of discipline”, which I equate to will or willpower.  She lamented the fact that she just didn’t have the discipline to get up at the crack of dawn and haul her horses to the indoor like she used to.  Could I help her get more disciplined?

Well, I suppose we could have worked out a plan to create “discipline”.  But instead I asked her about passion.  We don’t need discipline to do things we are passionate about.  We are energized by the very idea of engaging in our passion.  Why was she no longer passionate about getting up early and hauling her horses to the indoor?

In the case of this client, it came down to two things 1) she had become the big fish in the small pond and 2) she wanted a cheerleader.  She no longer had anyone to give her constructive feedback and she lacked a good eye on the ground when it came to upper level movements.  She also wanted someone “in her corner” and she wasn’t getting this from her husband or the long term/long distance coaching relationship she had.

The client generated a few ideas for getting valuable feedback and also for getting some cheerleading in her life.  Time will tell whether she will have a renewed energy for early morning trailering, spring may help with some of that, but , in my opinion, creating pleasure will do more to motivate you than tightening the screws.

Ask yourself…do you lack discipline or do you lack passion!

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One Response to Will versus Passion?

  1. Nancy K says:

    Like this. I’ve often equated ‘Will’ in a negative light as in ‘self-will’. However this gave me a more positive view. ‘ I Will ‘ is quite motivating. I am passionate about horses. Passion is huge. Nancy K

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