So many worthwhile thoughts.

I am You. We are God.

How can we appreciate the little things in life if we do not celebrate them?

It seems that we focus much of our conscious attention on things that bother us; while neglecting the more meaningful felicities our world is sharing.  There are many things that agitate us throughout our day, but if we pay attention to only negative occurrences how are we going to be grateful for the modest joys in life?


How often do you get enraged at red lights? You sit there and begin to feel anger pulsing through your body while urging the light to change. We become agitated and worrisome which gradually can transform into road rage. Why do we let the outcome of a red light interfere with our happiness. Realistically red lights are out of our control. The further into our commute we get, the more we let simple things such as red lights…

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  1. saracfry says:

    Thank you Chris! : )

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