Worth thinking about.

I am You. We are God.

Freedom: thinking without restrictions. 

I’m talking about all aspects of the word. You could say that freedomIS no restrictions, in its purest sense if you will. It is important that we think of the word without any constraints we may unconsciously place on it due to our upbringing and what others tell us is “possible.”

Most of us are only capable of understanding that of which we already know. But I challenge you to use your imagination. Our mind is the most powerful tool we have… and it’s free.


The times we live in, our geological location, and the culture we have been raised in, all play key roles in our interpretation of communication. However, since we are all living in the same era, I will deduce that we will have a similar cognizance of the word: freedom.  

What makes you free?

The question is very simple…

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