Protect Your Space

For the second night in a row, I did night check (that quick trip through the barn before you go to sleep,  where you make sure all the ponies have water and four legs) with my five year old daughter.  The first night it was a lot of fun.  She got dressed for the cold, found a lantern, put the collar on the dog and we set out.

She tossed hay to her pony, played with the cats and climbed in the hay mow.

The second night was, well, not fun.  It made me cranky.  I tripped on the dog.  Stepped on the cat’s treasure (read: before meeting my boot, nearly dead field mouse).  Landry did a drum solo on the 50 gallon plastic barrels I use for skinnies and corner jumps.  The horses stood in the aisle movin’ to the beat.  I didn’t get to sit on my chair in the corner and listen to the evening sounds of my barn.  The sounds that relaxes me and restore peace to my soul.

As we walked backed to the house and I yelled “Wait for me!” at least four times, I had a moment of clarity.  I want to share the horses, the barn and “farm” life with my daughter. I will be thrilled if she loves it as much as I do.  But I need to save some pieces of it just for me.  Late nights, with the stars and the moon, or the sound of pouring rain, horses munching on hay, gates closing in the dark, belong to me.  Sharing them with a Kindergardener makes them about the Kindergardener, and since just about every other waking hour is about the Kindergardener, I need to keep Night Check for myself.

Are you giving away a special time, one that belongs to you, energizes you or relaxes you?  Is it making you resentful?  Less peaceful?  Less focused?  Think about those special times that should be yours.  Do you get enough of them?  Make sure you protect them.  We all need a little time to clear our heads and reflect and renew.

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One Response to Protect Your Space

  1. Kelly says:

    Chris! Exactly. I had the same realization when I would take my kids to the barn. I wanted to share my passion and favorite things with them, but in doing so I wasn’t able to hit my “reset” button. I need my reset button, Chris. I get very cranky if I’m not allowed to go be me and reset/reboot my soul. Later, if they ask to go, if they ask to ride I’ll take them. But for me, time with Monty is too precious, to few, and quite honestly too expensive to be Kindergarten time.

    That all being said, the video of Landry and Vinnie was sooooo cute….. 🙂

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