Change your Self-Talk to Change Your Attitude

Today I received an email from Tera Warner of Body Enlightenment.  I really enjoy her workshops and her motivational and inspirational messages.

Tera wrote a few paragraphs on Self-Talk that I want to share.  I really believe that conquering negative self-talk is the most productive step we can take toward achieving our goals and finding inner peace.  Yes, a Coach can be your cheerleader, and that might be useful to get you to take that first step on a long journey.  But…it would be even better to be your own cheerleader!  It takes reflection, self-awareness and practice but you can train your brain to provide the support you need.

Negative self-talk is a killer when it comes to making positive changes.

Imagine your best friend belittling you in taking on this test drive adventure. How would you feel if she said, “Well that will be a waste of time. You’re never going to stick to that exercise requirement, not to mention saying no to our wings-night out!”

The voice in your own head, the one who judges and natters and worries and jumps to conclusions and worst-case scenarios, is like your inner best friend. She can motivate and support you, or she can bring you down. Way down.

However, UNlike your bestie, your inner voice can be trained. Whenever you hear her bring something about you down, bring up a positive counter example thought to show her.

With a little persistence in your progress and achievements, she’ll come around to your way of thinking. And before you know it, she’ll be your own personal cheerleader with pom-poms and cheesy rhymes and all!

– Tera Warner, Body Enlightenment


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