Excellent question. What is one choice your “current self” should thank your “past self” for making?

It's a New Day...

Day 227 Question 227:

What is one choice you know your future self will thank you for?

I try my hardest to stay in the present moment.  Life is happening NOW….not in the past or the future but NOW!!!  With that being said though, because it has been such a habit my whole life, I tend to always be focused on the future….the way is going to happen next, or what do I need to get done.  Doing that has its pluses and minuses….it does keep me on top of my game but it always steals from the current moment.  Being aware of this though has allowed me to become a lot more present…to absorb what is going on in this very moment and to appreciate the breath in my lungs and my surroundings right here right now.

I wrote a quick email last night to the last guy I…

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