How to cope when eventing goes bad – a little humor!

Enjoy Hamish Cargill’s tips and tricks to cope when eventing goes bad, in  What Goes Up Must Come Down.

After a what could easily be termed a “sub-optimal” show jumping round at FRVPC HT, I can give an enthusiastic endorsement to #1 Leave Quickly.

“After a terrible weekend nothing kick-starts the healing process like a quick escape. Linger longer than you have to and you’re asking to get stuck in a painful conversation with that tactless idiot who wants to offer their thoughts on why your horse wouldn’t jump over a ditch.

Avoid the urge to throw them in the water jump and get the groom, husband, child or even a random stranger to pack the truck and load the horse while you take out your frustrations in the privacy of a Portaloo.”

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