Congratulations to FRVPC HT Pretty in Pink Winners

Sugar Tree Life Coaching would like to congratulate the winners of its Pretty in Pink Award at FRVPC Horse Trial.  The award was presented to the 5th place finisher in each division.  Winners receive a one month package of Equestrian Life Coaching.  The package includes one 30 minute coaching session each week, for three weeks, via telephone or computer.

CCI* – Jordyn Horwitz                CIC* – Brigitte Kettell          JYOP – Elsa Olson

OP – Lisa Marie Fergusson         OT – Bernard Morauw          TH – Madison Bonamarte

TRA – Kristen Gallo                      TRB – Alexandra Kalinich     NH – Philippa Humphreys

NRA – Rachel White                      NRB – Meghan McCarthy     NRC – Carlie Buth

ON – Heather Lindroth                 BNR – Elizabeth Weber        Jr BN A- Madeline Vines

Jr BN B – Jordyn Stavropoulos    OBN A – Susan Elsner          OBN B – Max Harn

At Sugar Tree Life Coaching, we focus on the Equestrian and the unique challenges that come with having a passion for horses.  These challenges can include nerves, horse/life balance, and the desire for competitive success.  Through Solution Focused Coaching we can help you manage the jitters, organize your time, create strategies to demonstrate to family, employers and friends that they are as important as your horse, or create a warm-up/pre-competition routine that gets you in the zone.

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