An Introduction to Equestrian Life Coaching

As a member of both the International Coaching Federation and the United States Equestrian Federation, I am acutely aware of how Life Coaching can make a difference in my enjoyment and success with my horses.  Horses and horse showing often come into conflict with other values and interests that we have in our lives.  Our ability to find “success” as horsemen is radically affected by how we reconcile and creatively manage these different parts of ourselves.  A life coach provides the opportunity to identify and resolve some of these conflicts as well as assisting in discovering true inspiration and following up with implementation. Life Coaching can also be very effective in helping individuals overcome performance anxiety or negative feelings associated with past events such as falls.  It can assist in redirecting competitive energy while a horse is laid up or in understanding the mixed emotions that arise every time stall deposits are due for the next horse show.

Life coaching is not counseling, mentoring or therapy.  It is not professional advice giving.  Life coaching  is about looking inward and looking forward in order to assist the individual in creating an engaging future.  A life coach invites the client into deep, provocative conversations about life and personal aims.  Life Coaching provides an elegant pathway toward self-discovery and change by helping individuals to maintain focus on values and valued priorities.  The opportunity to have these provocative conversations makes all the difference at key times of our lives.

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